Oatmeal, Reinvented

Have you heard of overnight™ oats? Yoatz® is a convenient and satisfying snack or meal replacement ready-to-eat when you are – no preparation necessary. Our oats are expertly blended with cultured milk then lightly sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia. We don’t add colors to our products and you’ll never find ‘sugar’ in our ingredient list. We are firm believers the ‘eat less more often’ methodology, and we’re confident that our products support that lifestyle. So much so in fact, that Yoatz® comes with a money back guarantee. That’s right. We guarantee our product will fill you up more than a cup of yogurt.

What separates us from the pack?

  • No yogurt, so no tang
  • Only 5g of sugar per serving.
  • 15g of protein per serving
  • Our oats are soaked, not cooked
  • A unique texture, designed for function
  • Backed by our Fill You Up Guarantee
  • Pioneers of overnight™ oatmeal


Our Mission

Facci Food Co. is dedicated to pioneering a new category of refrigerated snacks through the functional lens of nutrition and appetite control. We are an all-natural manufacturer with direct involvement in every aspect of our production process. We define natural food as: food that looks, smells, and tastes exactly like it would if you were to make it yourself; food that is never adulterated with the use of artificial preservatives, artificial or natural colors, or artificial flavors.

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High Protein. A Good Source of Fiber. No Added Colors. All Natural. Oatmeal and dairy snack. Overnight™Oatmeal Hormone Free Grade A Milk*